family in the snow


You would think I would have a million pictures of my own children. The problem is, they don't like to smile sweetly for me.  I think it is due to a Camera always being in their face. I did get a few with this shoot but I also got so much personality

Bill! Im in love

Liz and Todd

It is really amazing when two people meet and they are just perfect together. The awesome couple is an example of that. They are so happy together!

This was such a wonderful wedding. The couple are adorable together and I love them both!
2010 Lone Peak Cheer leaders!

Utah Senior Photography Spring 2010

I have had the best time shooting high school seniors. Here are some of the recent shoots this Spring

Fall photos

I get to photograph the best families. Here are a few more photoshoots from the fall and summer.

August Wedding

I am so happy I could help record  Samantha and Blake's special day.